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Forest on Mars

Forest on Mars

"Forest on Mars"


"Forest" is an ecosystem that lives with all kinds of life form, and also it is a spiritual metaphor about how we should harmonize with the natural environment and other creatures in the future.

A thought experiment to cultivate a "Forest on Mars" is to envision a fantastic and fertile future myths and to develop a new insight of nature that intermixes human beings, nature, and technology on this 21st century.
We believe that astrobiologist will be a key person to be described as the future anthropologist because their practical research field is a treasure trove of wisdom and innovation to update our period.
Therefore, we will create a future scenario with discussing to NASA's space biologists who are pursuing their advanced research about the origin of life and terraforming to Mars.
The scenario becomes new myths about forest to survive in our future.


What we do

What we do is to organize a series of workshops and conferences with astrobiologists and researchers from NASA Ames Research Center in the theme of "Forest on Mars" with our speculative design framework.

  • Orgaizing a series of workshop and conferences.
  • Producing and creating various media and artworks based on the generated knowledge from our workshop.
  • Inspiring people to breakthrough stereotype mindset to survive in the exponential period.

Our mission

Our mission is to speculate how to survive in the period of singularity and terraforming to Mars.

We believe that we need to explore and provoke the fundamental questions such as origin of life in terms of individual physicality and sense of wonder for surviving in the exponential society and the world now. The power of our imagination can create alternative perspectives for the future.